Restore Work 2
Some more Tips 
Tip1 -  Select your working place

When selecting a place choose one that is as dry and clean as possible. Humidity and dust will not allow you to do a good job. Good natural light is also needed. Also if it can be heated it will be better for drying the ink coats.

Tip2 - When to start?

Start working on the carriage so that you'll give the first coat of ink at the beginning of Spring (the weather starts to be better). Make a pause of 15 days (if possible) between each ink coat (that way the new painting of the carriage will last longer). The final coats of ink should be done only in July/August (when the weather is dryer). The carriage should be ready in August / September so that you can still drive it before winter starts.

Tip3 - When to buy?

Don't trust carriages (new or restored) that are sold at the beginning of Spring (they were usually painted during the Winter so the wood will contract a bit when the weather gets dryer and ruin the paint). They usually don't last long with the same good look they had when were bought. There is one exception to this tip.... if you know the manufacturers work place and know that he has the correct conditions to work (dry, clean and heated during winter).

Tip4 - For the Future generations

After a good restoring work don't forget to leave under a non removable upholstery a complete description of all of your work.
That way if in 200 or 300 years, if someone wants to do exactly the same work, it will have a way to know everything it needs to know to achieve a good result.


 Tip5 - Striping
Make the Striping exactly like the original manufacturer did them - don't forget that you are restoring someone's work of art.

Tip6 - Materials

Don't hesitate in using first quality products. They're usually more expensive but they will last longer and will look better. Don't forget that the most precious thing that you're putting in the carriage is your work and art, not the materials.

Tip7 - The risk

When you don't trust yourself to do something, never take the risk of damaging anything. Try to learn first or demand a professional to work for you.

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